Export Your Saved Columns in Facebook Ads Manager

Are you still adjusting all the columns in Facebook Ads Manager for all clients individually?

There is a simple and easy way to export your saved columns from one ad account to another ad account on the same Business Manager.

Note: You have to add all Ads Account on a single Business Account to export the Columns.

Steps To Export Your Saved Columns in Facebook Ads Manager

  1. Open your Facebook Ads Manager Account in your own Business Account.
  2. Client your client ads account in which you want to customize the columns
  3. After Editing the column -> Save it.
  4. After saving it, go to another clients ad account using the same Business Account. (It is important to use the same Business Account)
  5. Click on the Customize column
  6. You can see there are the same columns, you will be getting as your previous ad account.
  7. Save it and you are done.

You can do same thing in all Ad account and It will save your a lot of time.

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