Facebook Broad Targeting Works – Learning Case Study 1

Many people asked, is Facebook BROAD targeting still works?

Yes, it works but you will not see results immediately, it will take some time to collect data and then it will start performing.

If your Facebook pixel old and having a lot of data then it will easy for a Facebook pixel to show ads to relevant people.

Many people say BROAD targeting is useless and many people have seen good results from this targeting.

We wanted to experiment, we have launched the BROAD targeting campaign.

Facebook Broad Targeting 1
Facebook Broad Targeting Works - Learning Case Study 1 3

The client niche is ethnic wear. We are not using automatic placement and the results were pretty good.

What we have done in Broad Targeting

In starting we have started with 10$ then slowly we keep on increasing the budget.

If you are going to put 20$ – 30$ in a day and expect results immediately then you are wrong. When you are using Broad Targeting you have to be patience

Facebook Broad Targeting Works
Broad targeting ROAS 400%

Once you complete 50 conversions, try to scale more aggressively while maintaining the ROAS.

We have increased the budget from 10$ to 40$ while we are maintaining the ROAS. We have defined that, we want the ROAS 400% to maintain. Once we increase the budget we keep it a few days to get it to optimize more while maintaining the ROAS.

If you are seeing the correct metrics for your business then you can make a profit from your campaigns.

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