How to find Top Performance Product Traffic Source in Google Analytics

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Knowing the Top Performance Product is also good for a marketer, and analysing the data is important to scale to a marketing campaign.

But to scale the marketing campaign, you have to find Top Performance Product Traffic Source in Google Analytics.

Step 1: Go to Google Analytics > Conversions > E-commerce > Product Performance

Step 2: Make your you set the data range of at least 3 months in Google Analytics for the report.

Step 3: Sort the data with Top selling product and then click on the name of the top-selling product

Top Performance Product Traffic Source-1

Step 4: Then click on other tab and type “Source” in primary dimension.

Top Performance Product Traffic Source 2

Step 5: In the secondary dimension, type “Source/Medium” and select it.

Top Performance Product Traffic Source-3

Step 6: Sort the data with Product Revenue and you will get the top 5 traffic sources in term of revenue.

Top Performance Product Traffic Source-4

As you can see the report we can see the top source is google and medium is organic and CPC (as we are running Google Ads)

The point here is, to invest more in the marketing channel which is giving good ROI and de-invest marketing channel which is not giving good ROI.

Your Turn

How you will be using this data to scale your marketing campaign? Let us know your thoughts through the comment

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