How To Setup Google Analytics Goals & Funnels For Shopify Store - Optimize Goal

How to Setup Google Analytics Goals & Funnels for Shopify Store

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Setup Google Analytics Goals & Funnels for Shopify Store
How to Setup Google Analytics Goals & Funnels for Shopify Store

If you have a Google Analytics account, then you can define goals & funnels for your Shopify Store.

Funnel give you more insights about the website, where people are dropping off and which pages are getting maximum views.

Understanding Goals & Funnels

Google Analytics Goal is described as any action taken by a visitor on your website. You might have defined a goal according to your business.
For example, you define a thankyou page as a goal in an e-commerce site, when a visitor reaches that page after completing the checkout that goal has been triggered, that means your objective is, visitor purchase a product and reach to a thankyou page then it is logged as a conversion in your google analytics account.

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A Google Analytics funnel is a path of URLs which you combine for completing one of your goals. This helps you to visualise how your visitor is interaction with your business to complete a goal, where they are dropping off in a funnel or skipping steps in a funnel.

Before we start, if you are using Shopify Plus then you have to make some changes in a funnel as you can edit the checkout pages.

This is a basic overview of a funnel for your Shopify store. Through this funnel, you will know where people are exactly dropping off. 

  • Homepage
  • Collection page
  • Product page
  • Cart page
  • Shopify checkout

Let’s create goals in Google Analytics. Go To: Google Analytics > Admin > View > Goals > Goal setup, choose “Custom” > Goal description > Choose type “Destination” > Click “Continue”.

goal description in google analytics setup
How to Setup Google Analytics Goals & Funnels for Shopify Store 4

In ‘Goal details’ choose ‘Regular expressions’ and copy the below text in the destination field (leave ‘case sensitive’ unchecked).


Then you have to turn on the funnel option and add these steps (just copy and paste in Google Analytics). If you have made some changes in the URLs then you have to change the structure.

Product page:.*/products/.*
Contact Information:/checkout/contact_information
Shipping Method:/checkout/shipping
Payment Method:/checkout/payment
goals details google analytics setup
How to Setup Google Analytics Goals & Funnels for Shopify Store 5

When you are done editing of goals or funnels, click on the “Verify this Goal” and “Save Button”. Now you’ll have to wait 24 hours before you see any data collected.

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