How to Setup Google Analytics with Google Tag Manager

If you want to track the user activity on your site then you have to set up Google Analytics on your site. There are a lot of benefits of using Google Analytics as you can make a decision according to data that you have to grow your business.

If you are new into this then set up the Google Analytics with Google Tag Manager might feel a little difficult.

How does Google Tag Manager work with Google Analytics?

Google Tag Manager helps users to add Google Analytics Tracking code to your site. It helps to manage all your site tags without editing the code on the site. Google Tag Manager works as a middle man as you can edit all the tags in Google Tag Manager.

Installing Google Analytics with Google Tag Manager

Make a Google Analytics Account and fill your site details (Name and URL of the website).

After you have completed the first steps, then you Go to ADMIN > PROPERTY > TRACKING INFO > TRACKING CODE. You will see Tracking ID which you have paste in Google Tag Manager.

Google Analytics Tracking ID

Create a Google Tag Manager if not created. Click on “Create New Account.

You have to fill the “Account Name” and in Container Name you have to fill “Website URL” and select the Target Platform. In my case, I have selected the web as I want to track the website.

Creating Google Tag Manager Account

Now, Select your GTM account and container which you want to use. From Overview Screen Click on “Add a New Tag“.

Click on the Tag Configuration box to choose a tag type. Select “Google Analytics: Universal Analytics.

Creating Tag Google Tag Manager

Leave the “Track Type” to “Page View.”

Google Analytics Track Type

Next, under “Google Analytics Settings” choose “New Variable” and Enter the Analytics Tracking ID.

GTM Tracking Variable for Analytics

Why we are creating variables because we can reuse the variable in other Tag also without entering the tracking code again.

Now, Click on the Triggering section and select All Pages as Trigger then Submit changes and push your tag live.

Next, you can go to Google Analytics Real Time Event to check user activity.

Google Analytics Real Time Tracking

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