How to Upload Cost Data into Google Analytics

If you are a marketing guy then you might be running ads on various paid marketing channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing, Twitter, Quora, etc.

You might be thinking!

Why should I upload cost data into google analytics?

The reason for this to compare the performance of your non-google ad accounts under onehood. This is very useful when you are handling the e-commerce site.

When you upload or import non-google data into google analytics, you can compare all the metrics which are important for your business. Also, this will enable the Cost Analysis report.

There you can see all different campaign metrics and you can compare it to get a better view of the campaign metrics such as sessions, impressions, clicks, CTR, CPC, and cost.

What is Cost Analysis Report?

You can compare ad cost and revenue across your paid marketing channels in google analytics.

How can I import facebook cost data to google analytics?

There are two ways you can do it:

  • The first way is to import data manually using an excel sheet and then import it to Google Analytics. ( We will be discussing this method)
  • Second ways, you can use Supermetrics or Owox to connect your Facebook Account or any Paid Marketing Account and import data directly to Google Sheets then Uploading to Google Analytics.

We have an easy solution to Upload Cost Data into Google Analytics

  1. Go to Admin Section in google analytics
  2. Under Property column, click on the “Data Import
  3. Click on Create and Select “Cost Data
data import in google analytics steps
  1. Give the Name in “Data Set Details.
  2. In “Data Set Schema” set the metrics you want in the report.
Setting of Data Set Schema in Google Analytics

There are two option in Import Behaviour “Summation” or “Overwrite”.

Summation: If you have added a data previously and importing again then it will be added to the previous report.

Overwrite: This replaces your old data with the new data if it is having the same key.

  1. You can download the schema, in the CSV format. Fill the Excel Sheet with advertisement details that you want in the Google Analytics.
Google Sheet having Data Schema

Here are some important things you must remember while filling the sheet:

  • You must use the “YYYYMMDD” date format, for example in this year is 2020 month is 07 and the date is 20.
  • The cost should contain no currency characters in the sheets.
  • No commas or separators while filling the cost.
  • The Cost should be in a number format like 1243.45

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How to upload data into google analytics

  1. After filling the sheet, Go to the Data import and click on the Data Set Name.
  2. Click the “Upload file”.
  3. Choose your CSV file and click “Upload”.
Upload the Excel Sheet in Google Analytics.

After you uploaded the sheet it will take up to 24 hours to refect the data in Google Analytics. You can go to Acquisition > Campaigns > Cost Analysis

Uploaded Sheet data in the Google Analytics.

Why if you have selected another Data Set Type. Where Imported Data will be shown in Google Analytics Report?

Different Import Type in
Image from Support Google

That’s it! You can see all the paid marketing channels cost and revenue in google analytics and you can make strategy accordingly.

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