How to Connect Your Shopify Store to Google Shopping Tab

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Google is allowing all the merchants to list their product on Google Shopping tab for FREE.

Yes! you heard correctly FREE!

This helps you to reach potential customers for free without spending a penny on ads. 

free new google shopping tab

Surfaces across Google has free product listing in these three inventories which you can use for your advantage which help to grow your business.

  • The Shopping tab (
  • Google Search (
  • Google Images (

If you are having Google Ads Account and Merchant Center configured then it is very easy for you to opt-in to this program.

In this tutorial, you will learn how you can Connect Your Shopify Store to Google Shopping Tab.

Step 1: Create Google Merchant Account

If you are having a Merchant Center account then move to Step 2, if you don’t have one, then create an account here.

Step 2: Create a Product Feed

There are many ways through which you can connect product feed to Google Merchant Center.

  1. Shopify has a free Shopify Google Shopping app to sync your product automatically. This app is developed by the Shopify team, and if you need any support Shopify team will help you. 
  2. Google Shopping only app to connect your data feed.
  3. You can use any third-party feed generator and fetch products through the URL provided by the plugin.

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Step 3: Connect Feed to Surfaces Across Google

Once you have created the feed, it’s time to connect it with the Merchant Center. 

Go to Feeds > Products > Settings and select the surface across google.

connect shopify to Surfaces Across Google
activate surface across shopping

If you haven’t added a feed-in the merchant centre then you have to add feed first. Click on the Plus Button in the Feed Tab.

add feed to mcc

You have to enter the Country of sale and Select destinations where you want to promote the product.

basic information mcc feed

In the next step, you have to select the option of how you want to fetch the feed and click on the continue button and save the Feed.

how to upload feed in mcc

Tada! You have completed the setup of Google Merchant Center and your Shopify store is now connected with Google Merchant Center.

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