Cross-Domain Google Ads Conversion via GTM Using Conversion Linker

Cross-Domain tracking is easy to set up via Google Tag Manager for Google Ads Conversion Tracking. It is important to set up the conversion in Google Ads to track the performance of your Campaign.

Cross-Domain happens when users land to DOMAIN A and final conversion happen in DOMAIN B. Lets take an example, you visit a website and then you decided to fill a form when you hit the submit form it will take you to the thank you page and that page is another domain.

How to Track Cross-Domain Google Ads Conversions

Before you start implementing cross-domain Google Ads conversion there are few things you need:

Add Google Ads Conversion Linker Tag in Google Tag Manager

Google Ads Conversion Linker Tag in Google Tag Manager
Google Ads Conversion Setup for Cross-Domain Tracking
  • In the Tag section, Select Conversion Linker tag then check “Enable linking across domains” & “Enable linking on all page URLs”
  • Under auto-link domains, enter both of the domain separated by a comma (,
  • URL position it should be Query Parameter and check “Accept incoming linker parameters”
  • In trigger, you have to select All pages.

Tada and you are done. In Google Ads, it will show you conversion after a few hours.

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