How to Exclude Internal Traffic in Google Analytics 4

What is Internal Traffic in GA 4?

The traffic generated by your team or employee you your website is referred as Internal Traffic. These people need to be excluded from the Google Analytics 4, as these are not your targeted audience.

To overcome this problem we have to exclude the IP address so that Google Analytics 4 don’t track the audience from these IP address. Read More: How to Exclude Referrals in Google Analytics 4

Steps to Filter out Internal Traffic in GA 4

  1. Go To Google Analytics.
  2. Go to the Admin, then select the appropriate property in GA4 (Google Analytics 4).
  3. Then click Data Streams, and then click on the “Web Data Stream”.
Data Streams in Google analytics 4
Data Streams Option in Google Analytics 4
  1. Under Additional Settings > More Tagging Settings.
  2. Click Define internal traffic, then click on Create button
Define internal traffic in GA4
You have select Define internal traffic from the More Tagging Setting
  1. Enter a name for the rule and traffic_type event parameter (internal is the default value)
create internal traffic rule in GA4
Select Match Type and Enter the value of IP Address
  1. Under IP address select the Match type.
  2. Enter an IP address that identifies traffic from your location.

And you are done, now you won’t be tracking the internal traffic in google analytics 4.

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