How To Change Attribution Model in Google Ads

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In this post, we will see how you can change Attribution Model of your conversions in Google Ads. By Default, Google Ads use the last-click attribution model. Many of us don’t change the last-click attribution model in google ads.

Impact On Conversions Of Attribution Model

Let’s look at the example: Suppose you are running ads for a marketing agency service. Some people have searched for ‘Digital marketing service’ and click on your ad. Later the same user has searched for ‘digital marketing facebook marketing service’, landed on the same page and filled the forms.

The Attribution model you are using will decide which campaign will receive the Credit for filling the form. If you are using the last-click attribution model, then the Credit will go to ‘digital marketing facebook marketing service‘. If you are using the time delay attribution model then both keywords will get some Credit.

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Different attribution models

Last click: Gives all credit to the last-clicked ad and corresponding keyword.

First click: Gives all credit to the first-clicked ad and corresponding keyword.

Time decay: Gives more credit to ad that interacted closer in time to the conversion. 

Position-based: Gives 40% of the credit to both the first and last ad interactions and corresponding keywords, and the remaining 20% will give to other ad interactions on the path.

Data-driven: Distributes credit based on your past data for this conversion action. It will choose the right attribution model for your business and give you the best results.

Steps To Change Attribution Model in Google Ads

Step 1: Login to Google ads account. (Must have admin/full access)

Step 2: Click on the Tools tab then click on Conversions under Measurement section.

Change Attribution Model in Google Ads Step 1
Google Ads > Tools & Setting > Conversions

Step 3: Click on the conversion name for which you want to change attribution model.

Change Attribution Model in Google Ads Step 2
Click on the conversion name

Now, you will see the attribution model currently used in the conversion

Step 4: Click on the Edit Button and from the drop down you can select the Attribution model which you want to use

Change Attribution Model in Google Ads Step 3
Click on the Edit Settings
Change Attribution Model in Google Ads Step 4
Select the Attribution model you want.

Step 5: Then click on the save button then click on Done.

You have successfully changed the attribution model. If you have any questions let me know through comment section.

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