How To Link Google Merchant Center To Google Ads

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If you are new and don’t know how to connect your merchant centre with your Google Ads Account, don’t worry we will cover everything in this post. It will hardly take few minutes to complete all steps and then you can start taking advantage of Google Shopping.

Here are the Steps to Link Google Merchant Center To Google Ads Account

Step 1: Open your Google Merchant Center Account and go to Settings. From the drop-down list Select Linked Accounts.

Link Google Merchant Center To Google Ads-Linked-Account

Step 2: You’ll see Google Ads at the top, so just scroll down to Link Account

Step 3: To connect the Merchant Center to Google Ads, you have to enter the Google Ads ID. Go to Google Ads account and at the top right-hand corner, you will see the Google Ads account ID, select that ID and copy it. 

Link Google Merchant Center To Google Ads Account ID

Step 4: Once you’ve copied the ID in the Google Merchant Center, go back to your Google Ads account and confirm the request.

Link Google Merchant Center To Google Ads Merchant Center Complete Linked

Step 5: Your link Status is now active between Merchant Center and Google Ads.

Tada! now you can take advantage of a retail-centric Google Ads campaign. Even you can set up dynamic remarketing, local inventory ads, and more.

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