How to Target Specific Mobile Devices on Facebook and Instagram

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If you are advertising on Facebook, you know Facebook has a various targeting option which you can use.

Sometimes, choosing a perfect strategy might be difficult for you as you don’t know how to reach the correct audience.

Let’s take an example: Suppose you want to sell a product which is related to the iPhone. Showing ads to all the users who are not having an iPhone is a waste of money. For this scenario, you can target an audience who owns an iPhone (or specific devices). You have full control over your ads and who is seeing your Facebook ads.

In this article, you will see how you can target specific mobile devices on Facebook and Instagram

Strategy 1: Targeting Device via Placement

This is the easiest way to target specific devices using placements which is available in the ad-set level. All you have to do is to change the Automatic Placement to Manual Placement.

Facebook Mobile Specific Ads 1

When you scroll down little bit you will see options “Show more options”

Facebook Mobile Specific Ads 2

In the Specific Mobile Devices & Operating System, you will see ALL the device are selected. Click on the edit option.

Facebook Mobile Specific Ads 3

Once you click on edit option, a drop-down selector will open. Here you will see the other two option available for you first “Android Devices Only” and “iOS Devices Only“.

Facebook Mobile Specific Ads 5

Once you selected the device option, you can specify the device model also on Facebook. Like in the below image you can see I am targeting Apple iPhone 11 users. Also, Read this How to Create a Facebook Event Custom Audience

You can select multiple devices in the option. Below is the OS Version you can set (Min and Max Version of OS)

In the same way, you can exclude specific device. Below the Include option, there is an option to exclude devices.

Facebook Mobile Specific Ads 6

Strategy 2: Targeting Device Owners through Behaviour Targeting

There may be a situation when you want to target a specific device owner but regardless they are using it right now or not.

For this, you can use Behaviour Targeting. When you type “apple” it show owns iPhone 7.

This option is available under the “Detailed Targeting” section within the ad-set option.

Facebook Mobile Specific Ads 7

Strategy 3: Targeting Device through Interest Targeting

There is another option available in “Detailed Targeting“, this option is not related to the ownership of the devices but it is related to interest.

An audience who has interacted with the post, brands or liked content related to that device will be in the interest but maybe they don’t own that device.

Facebook Mobile Specific Ads 8

Comparing Interests with Behavior Targeting

I was curious about how many audiences are overlapping with Interests and Behavior Targeting.

So I have created both the audiences on Facebook. I have compared it with the  Audience Overlap feature.

It is important to differentiate between these two audiences, people who have shown “Interest” in devices or who “Owns” the devices.

Facebook Mobile Specific Ads 9
iPhone 7 Behaviour Audiences
Facebook Mobile Specific Ads 10
iPhone 7 Interest Audience

As you can see iPhone 7 Behaviour audience is having a potential reach about 6,50,0000 people whereas the iPhone 7 Interest potential reach is 1,10,000 people.

Facebook Mobile Specific Ads 11

In Facebook Audiences I have selected both the saved audiences I have created and choose to show Audience Overlap.

This is comparison metric which you will see of these two audience.

Facebook Audience Overlap 11

As you can see in the images the overlapping is just 1% of the total audience and I was surprised to see this result.

Means very few owners of the device have shown the interest in the device maybe because they are having the devices.

Final Words

Testing device-specific audience is great when you know your potential customers which are going to buy your products.

Are you going to utilise device targeting? Let us know your thoughts through the comment

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