How to Create a Facebook Event Custom Audience

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If you are planning to create an event on Facebook then it is important sometime to engage with the audience who has shown interest in the event. One way to interact with the audience is through Facebook ads.

Let’s Create an Event on Facebook

First, you have to create an event from your Facebook page.


Then, you can choose the option according to your requirement either it will be online or in person.

facebook event custom audience 2

Event you are making can be Free or Paid.

facebook event custom audience 3

Now you have to fill the details and descriptions about the event to complete the process.

When the audience will see your event, they can choose an option from the list whether they are Interested, Going or Not Interested.

facebook event custom audience 4

Based on these three things, you will have to create Facebook Event Custom Audience.

Create a Facebook Event Custom Audience

First, go to your Facebook Audience, Select “Create Audience” and then “Custom Audience.

facebook event custom audience 6

From Create a Custom Audience select “Events” option

facebook event custom audience 7

Now, Select your Page and Event you have created. You can select the Past event also and create an audience for that also.

If you want to select a particular segment from the event then you have to click on “include more people.” Then you can see more options.

Options include:

  • People who responded Going or Interested
  • People who have responded Going
  • People who have responded Interested
  • People who have visited the event page
  • People who have engaged
  • People who entered the tickets flow
  • People who have purchased tickets
  • People who abandoned the ticket flow
facebook event custom audience 5

You can use anything between 1 to 365 Days Audiences.

Once you have created an audience you can use these audiences in your ads to retarget the audience who has engaged with the event.

Let’s see how you can use these custom audience for your ads

1. You can remind the audience who has chosen Interested or Going to that event.

2. Encourage the audience to change the decision from Interested to Going

3. Encourage audience who has abandoned ticket flow.

4. Show other events to the audience who has already purchased the ticket.

5. Show events to the people who have engaged with the event but haven’t filled the event.

6. Audience who has shown interest in the past events.

How you are going to use Facebook Event Custom Audience? Let us know through comments!!

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